Foreign Trade Enterprise ARS POLONA started its activity in 1953 and was the first company in Poland and one of the first in Central and Eastern Europe dealing with export and import of books and popular science periodicals.


We cooperate with the leading publishing houses all over the world. ARS POLONA is also an importer of OECD publications as well as a sales agent of the Office for Official Publications of the European Communities (EUR-OP) and the other international organizations, such as the Council of Europe, World Bank, FAO, UNESCO, WHO.
We handle orders for publications from all over the world and we offer them at reasonable prices.


Export of popular and scientific periodicals.
Export of Polish books and book series.
Import of scholarly periodicals.
Import of the world book editions of various areas of life and knowledge.
Within the wide range of products exported by ARS POLONA there are also:
* modern art pieces,
* quality philatelistic objects, and among the imported items there are:
* musical instruments,
* musical publications.


We are also a publisher of our own art-book edition.

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