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Polish Journals

The priced catalogue for year 2020 contains up-to-date information on almost all newspapers and periodicals printed in Poland which have a fixed annual subscription price and mathematical journals with a fixed price for each volume. We can also supply, on request, other journals not listed in our catalogue. Furthermore, our offer includes delivery of complete series of out-of-print journals, volumes and single back issues of journals still available on the  market. We deliver, on request, series of publications dealing with various domains of science from our own warehouse.


The catalogue provides additional information with each title - it´s PL ISSN (Polish Standards) number, frequency of publication, annual subscription price or single volume price in EUR, postage costs and, in part II, a translation of the title or a short characteristic of the journal in English.

Postage and packing costs shall be added to the subscription price of the publication according to rates printed in the catalogue and the method of delivery chosen by the customer (by surface or airmail).

We reserve the right to change listed prices without previous notice.

The cover prices of journals in zlotys (PLN) are binding in Poland only.

Airmail delivery of journals with no airmail rate quotations is also possible, provided that the subscriber pays an additional fee covering all real costs incurred.

Delivery is realised at the subscriber's risk, with the exception of registered mail deliveries.

As a rule we accept subscription orders for a period of one year, preferably a calendar year, or "until further notice". To ensure proper fulfilment of your subscription order we should receive it no later than on the 10th day of the month preceeding the beginning of the subscription period or, in the case of a calendar year subscription, by the 10th of November.

We will endeavour to fulfil orders arriving late, subject to availability of copies.

Prices of archival volumes and single back issues available only on the second-hand market may sometimes be higher than the printed subscription prices.

We do not accept orders for back issues of newspapers or popular magazines that release up to two editions per month.

In case of non-delivery, damage or defects, please let us know as soon as possible, but no later than within six months after reception of your next issue.

Cancellation of any order before the end of the subscription period is subject to the publisher's consent.

Foreign distributors receive trade discounts for subscriptions depending on the value of the order.


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